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President’s Letter

Dear BABCPHL Members and Friends,

Happy New Year! I am pleased to report we had a full house at our Signature Annual Holiday Lunch in December.  It was a great event, and it was wonderful to see many new and old faces.  BABCPHL definitely ended the calendar year on a high note, and January is off to a strong start.

Networking opportunities abound! We are offering approximately one program per month from now through the end of our fiscal year, with a wide variety of venues and activities.  We hope you and your colleagues join us for face-to-face engagement to help you build business, create valuable connections, and learn about pressing issues affecting commercial ties on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The BABCPHL is honored to collaborate with regional organizations and chambers representing the global marketplace. Read on and click through this newsletter for details about our upcoming programs.  Did you miss an event or want to see if you are featured in a photo?  Enjoy recaps of recent past activities, and browse our photo stream.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers to you and yours for a wonderful start to the New Year!



Michael J. Pedrick

President, British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

Upcoming Programs


Thursday, January 31, 2019
5:00 – 7:00 pm
1313 Innovation Center, Wilmington, DE

A Musical Adventure with the British American Business Council and the Philadelphia Orchestra

Tuesday, February 28, 2019
6:00-10:00 pm
The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

8th Annual New Jersey Networking Event & Dinner

Thursday, March 7, 2019
6:00-8:00 pm
The British Chip Shop, Haddonfield, NJ

Event Recaps

Great British American Pub Night: QUIZZO – Test Your Knowledge of UK & US Trivia

Department for International Trade Advamed MedTech Conference – UK Reception

How to Survive and Thrive in the Changing Times – Leap Hurdles & Grow Your Business 

Brits, Beer & Bites Meetup 

2018 Signature Annual Holiday Luncheon – PHL International: Regional Economic Engine Connecting Philadelphia to the World

Mind the Gap

The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs is a study that has been conducted to review how women are working to break barriers in the workplace. Among the findings, the United States ranks third and the United Kingdom tenth in top ten markets that have the greatest opportunity for female entrepreneurs to succeed.


As of 2018, how many women own businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom?

a) 11.9 million in the US | 9 million in the UK

b) 8.7 million in the US | 7 million in the UK

c) 3 million in the US | 1.2 million in the UK

The first person to submit the correct answer to will receive one complimentary ticket to our GlobalConnect event on January 31, 2019.

New Members

Club Level Member:

Johnson, Kendall & Johnson
Bruce F. White
Vice President Insurance Services
109 Pheasant Run
Newtown, PA 18940
P: 215-968-4741

Johnson, Kendall & Johnson (JKJ) is an insurance brokerage and risk management firm located in Newtown, PA, that has been managing corporate and personal needs for more than 50 years. JKJ’s personalized services in property and casualty insurance; risk and safety management services and claims consulting; group benefits; individual life, home and asset protection program development; financial services; and retirement planning allow JKJ clients to focus on their respective business while JKJ provides direction in managing the risk.

JKJ’s diverse clientele challenges it to create programs unique to each client. Johnson, Kendall & Johnson is licensed in various lines of business in all 50 states, with access to all of the major insurance markets. In addition, JKJ is the founding board members of RiskProNet International and UNiBA Partners international insurance brokers. These organizations support JKJ and one another’s ability to work with and provide dedicated services to international clients, and conduct various business lines in all 50 states, with access to all of the major insurance markets.

Corporate Member:

Global Payments Partners
Joe Connolly
Founding Partner
Westport Innovation Hub
20 Ketchum Street
Westport, CT 06880
P: 203-216-1776

Bank of Ireland Global Payments blends the pedigree of Ireland’s oldest bank with the know-how of World First- one of the world’s most innovative FinTech Companies.

In the US, World First is Bank of Ireland’s exclusive and trusted international payment services provider.

Educational, Arts & Charitable Institution Member:

Museum of the American Revolution
Brian Parkhill
Manager of Corporate Partnerships
101 South Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
P: 267-579-3543

Opened on April 19, 2017, the Museum of the American Revolution explores the dramatic, surprising story of the American Revolution through its unmatched collection of Revolutionary-era weapons, personal items, documents, and works of art. Immersive galleries, powerful theater experiences, and interactive digital elements bring to life the diverse array of people that created a new nation against incredible odds. Visitors gain a deeper appreciation for how this nation came to be and feel inspired to consider their role in the ongoing promise of the American Revolution. Located just steps away from Independence Hall, the Museum serves as a portal to the region’s many Revolutionary sites, sparking interest, providing context, and encouraging exploration.

Individual Member:

Frank McGlade
Sales Director
Kintetsu World Express
800 Calcon Hook Road
Sharon Hill, PA 19079
P: 215-554-1991

Regional Government Partner:

Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia
Siobhan Lyons
President and CEO
1515 Arch Street, 12th Floor,
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1594
P: 1-215-683-0999
F: 1-215-683-0998

Citizen Diplomacy International is a nonprofit organization that empowers Philadelphians to represent our city and the United States through person-to-person diplomacy. We believe that personal interactions help shape U.S. foreign relations, impact on our national security and build the United States’ reputation around the world. We showcase the best of Philadelphia and make global connections for our citizens; inspiring Philadelphia to be a global city and be globally recognized.

Our network of volunteer Citizen Diplomats welcomes nearly 1,300 international visitors every year to Philadelphia on high school exchange programs, professional exchange programs and trade missions. We partner with the Department of State and the City of Philadelphia to host international delegations and show them all of the great things that Philadelphia’s world famous for – which is more than just cheesesteaks.

International exchange contributes to the world’s growth and stability and enriches Philadelphia with a deeper understanding of world cultures and ideas.

A more civil, peaceful and prosperous world starts with you. Be a Citizen Diplomat. Join at

Human Interest Feature

Rebecca Lewis Takes Lead Position for New Women’s Global Initiative – Department for International Trade
By Emma Silverstone, BABCPHL Coordinator and Senior at Temple University

In 2017 the Department for International Trade (DIT) launched a new initiative to empower women in the Department, and provide learning and development opportunities for female leaders. Concluding its first year and taking forward the overseas strategy as Co-Chair, is Rebecca Lewis, Deputy Head of Trade and Investment at the British Consulate General. Rebecca has also served as a BABCPHL Board Member for the past six years.

At the end of September 2018, Rebecca assumed the role of Overseas Global Co-Chair of the DIT Gender Equality Committee. Her tasks include: mirroring diversity and inclusivity of gender from the commercial world and adopting best practices within the Department; ensuring work is delivered through a gender diversity lens; creating opportunities for learning; appreciating cultural differences; and discussing the wage gap.

According to Rebecca, the objective is to “create and challenge leadership within the Department to ensure there is gender equality throughout all aspects of our work. We are fortunate to have senior leadership that is 100% supportive.  This is reflected through our core Department values – expert, engaged, enterprising, and inclusive – and of course supports the UK Government’s agenda for a global and modern Britain with ambitions for prosperity, stability and security worldwide.”

While the initiative is still developing, Rebecca says the group aims to address issues that are faced by women in the workplace in both the US and the UK. Topics of particular interest include: communications, workplace policies and engagement, promotion opportunities, mentorship, business growth support, learning from industry, and incorporating best practices into government departments.

Documented evidence suggests women face challenges in today’s work environment. For example, women owned businesses lack access to funding and support. According to a 2017 article from the Huffington Post, the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation reported insufficient investment for female-led businesses and continued disconnects between skills building and finance supporting growth of women led enterprises. Nonfinancial support necessary for women entrepreneurs to succeed in growing their businesses includes, but is not limited to: the support of families and communities; supportive messages in the media, as well as stories, role models, and examples of successful women entrepreneurs; access to networks and mentors to share ideas, information, and contacts; and soft skills, such as leadership development, pitching, negotiating, and time management, as well as building self-confidence and ability to deal with the extreme stress of juggling family life and the demands of running a business. All of this presents challenges for female entrepreneurs, and economic development at large.

Equal gender opportunities are just as important in the UK as in the US. The British workplace is an inclusive environment, with many different nationalities that call the UK home. While there are differences in each industry, one thing for sure, it’s important for women to be confident and persistent, notwithstanding which side of the Atlantic they are on. As for what women can do to overcome challenges they face in the workplace, Rebecca says, “promoting the issues, having leadership commit to a diverse work force, and encouraging senior management to set the tone are vital. Let’s continue to build each other up and champion the issues for evolvement.”

Rebecca grew up in the Greater London area. She attended the University of Plymouth, UK and also spent time at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. She started her career at Scottish Courage brewery in customer marketing before moving to the US in 2003. Rebecca has spent the last fifteen years in international trade and investment working across the Midwest and East Coast of the US. During her tenure, she has assumed various roles including leading the East Coast Energy and Environment team, US Head of London 2012 Olympics, US Head of Infrastructure, and currently is Deputy Head of Trade and Investment.

Stay tuned for additional information about this important topic as well as a BABCPHL sponsored roundtable later this year. The BABCPHL congratulates Rebecca on her new role.  We look forward to helping Rebecca champion DIT’s women’s initiative to promote gender equality in the workforce both in the US and the UK.

Club Level Feature- Johnson, Kendall & Johnson

JKJ: Let’s Make the World a Smaller Place

For global organizations, the management of risk is constantly evolving. Assessing risk cannot be compartmentalized to the standards and norms of the parent company’s country laws, regulations, operations, and litigious environment. JKJ’s risk assessment factors in many entities, countries, governing bodies, and exposures. We work with global organizations around the world on the avoidance, prevention, retention, and transfer of risk when the business is managing risk in conjunction with their US domiciled entity through commercial insurance programs and risk prevention practices.

JKJ’s model to service client locations across the country from a centralized location is an important attribute of our international business model. We have the licenses required in all 50 states for admitted and non-admitted placements, but also, our team is able to be at client locations regardless of where the location may be. This model allows us the flexibility to service subsidiary locations anywhere in the country and focus on developing a high level of competency with a centrally located team. We travel frequently outside the US to meet with executive management teams, risk managers, or ownership of foreign parent companies as part of the global interaction. A primary factor to perpetuate this model is our commitment to remaining independent. By remaining private and independently owned, we can focus on driving resources back to the benefit of our clients rather than outside stakeholders.

We focus on four primary areas for our international clients which are: Communication, Culture, Coordination, and Compliance.

Through our prior experiences in international transactions we find there is a significant opportunity of creating value to parent and subsidiary companies by beginning with the understanding of the differences in culture and customs of transacting business in each country. Addressing these differences with an integrated solution can be cost effective and coverage efficient for our clients.


We focus on transparency for all parties including local management, foreign brokers, executive headquartered management teams, etc. This enables us to properly understand all elements of a risk profile and equipping the global group to make sound business decisions. Transparency is key; ambiguity and vague interpretations lead to miscommunication and ill-informed business decisions.

Managing risk globally must be a collaborative effort and requires answering tough questions which often go unasked. This lends to our philosophy that in person meetings are vital. This leads our team to traveling the world for meetings with company headquarter and subsidiary locations.

Traditional solutions for multi-jurisdictional locations have been to find a broker in each respective country who can countersign the local policies and provide very basic insurance services, but generally, international networks still focus on “dots on the map” rather than a rigorous analysis of organizational attributes of the broker partners.


We have committed time and resources to better understanding other cultures which attribute to our clients’ perspectives and needs. Through our experience we understand and respect how people from other cultural backgrounds relate to issues in unique ways. Not only is there an intentional internal study to cultural disconnect, but through decades of frequent international travel we better understand differing cultural norms compared to most American service providers.

Understanding the impact of cultural disconnects can be disastrous in structuring international insurance programs if not considered properly. We recognize that Americans do not think, behave, or process information the same as people in different countries and adapt as best as we can to those varying perspectives.


The result of poor communication creates misunderstanding relative to coordinating respective risk management programs in each country. The effective outcome is often gaps in coverage, and the mistaken assumption the terms and conditions provided are “best local standards” automatically provided in all countries. This is aggravated by the fact insurance companies at times refuse to provide translations of local policies in both languages, leading to confusion on the intent of coverage a client was looking to obtain.

Respective regulations and legal requirements are often misunderstood, and they continue to become more complicated in this period of government oversight.

In addition, there can be disconnects as a result of currency exchange rates relative to coordinating retentions and limits of coverage and insurance premium taxes are rarely coordinated appropriately with each subsidiary’s country.

Coordinating insurance programs in and of itself is complex, and to most appropriately leverage the scale of the global organization must be completed with professionals who have a global enterprise risk management approach which optimizes scope of coverage and cost efficiencies.


Compliance is quickly becoming a major issue in cross border transactions. Issues are centered on tax obligations, revenue recognition, data protection, and appropriate allocation of expenses. Several cases in the EU and in the USA underscore new compliance standards for both insurers and policyholders relative to allocation of premiums and payment of the current VAT or premium taxes. There are also the accounting issues relative to payment of a claim in one country for a loss that occurred in another country.

Furthermore, evolving data breach laws, regulation, and litigation is forcing a proactive approach on prevention and transferring this risk through insurance.

Duplicate insurance coverage in each country with operations can be a significant problem in the event of a claim with coverage provided by the insurance program in another country. This creates problems in arranging defense and determining which insurance program is the primary insurer. Duplicate coverage is problematic for effective protection against risk for the international organization.

Industry Focus

Although there is a broad scope of industries served within JKJ’s international practice, below are some of the higher concentration areas in which our clients’ businesses are classified. At JKJ we are most effective when our clients are fully engaged with all divisions of our JKJ team, including claims management experts, risk engineers, internal account managers, representatives, and JKJ’s online portals.

    • Manufacturers
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Food
    • Distribution & Wholesale
    • Retail
    • Technology
    • Professional Sports
    • Life Sciences

JKJ Service Approach

Some elements of risk management and insurance are specific to US operations and entities. JKJ works hard to best integrate solutions into a global approach for multinational client organizations. The client has an important role including employee retention, reducing operational risk, premium cost mitigation, and the business perpetuation.

As an independent, employee owned company we are focused on driving value back to our clients. JKJ’s international team, although specialized in handling multinational organizations, integrates directly with the staff and services of our successful JKJ model.

  • Risk Engineering – JKJ’s risk engineers interface with our clients’ safety initiatives for our clients to reduce independent consultant costs by navigating the complexities of OSHA regulations, and implementing preventative programs to control the total cost of occupational injury risks.
  • Claims Management – JKJ’s claims consultants act as a client advocate to insurers who are going through claims. We help with coverage analysis, open reserve analysis, and the management throughout the life of a claim with our insurer partners.
  • Contractual Risk Transfer – a primary form of risk management in the US is through contracts. We actively participate with clients’ internal and outside legal teams to transfer and limit risk by way of contracts.


Bruce F. White, CPCU
Vice President Insurance Services
Johnson, Kendall and Johnson, Inc.
109 Pheasant Run
Newtown, Pa 18940
Phone: 215-968-4741

Upcoming Programs

Great British-American Pub Night: QUIZZO! Test Your Knowledge of UK & US Trivia

Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:00-8:00pm
The Victoria Freehouse, Philadelphia

Department for International Trade Advamed MedTech Conference- UK Reception

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 5:00-7:00pm
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

Business Policy Agenda Update: Strength & Opportunity in a Time of Change

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 12:00-2:00pm
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Brits, Beer & Bites Meetup

Thursday, November 8, 2018 5:30-7:30pm
The Pyramid Club, Philadelphia

2018 Signature Holiday Luncheon – PHL International: Regional Economic Engine Connecting Philadelphia to the World

Thursday, December 6, 2018 11:00am-2:00pm
The Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia

Event Recaps

Summer 2018 International Business Networking Reception

Britain Unites- Bridging Connections Across the LGBTQ Community

The Future is Now, Where Are You?





Mind the Gap

Did you know that the term “pub” actually comes from the phrase “public house?” Public house was used in reference to “house open to the public.” The oldest pubs in the UK date back to the 18th century. Some even date back to the 1500s!


What is the most popular pub name in the UK?

a) The Prince of Wales
b) The Red Lion
c) The King’s Arms

The first person to submit the correct answer to will receive one complimentary ticket to our Quizzo Pub Night event on September 20, 2018.

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  • Almac
  • American Airlines
  • Bartlett
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  • Cigna
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