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Winter 2022 Human Interest Feature – Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra Reunites with Audiences

Led by visionary, passionate music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the musicians of The Philadelphia Orchestra have shown courage and creativity in staying connected with audiences, continuing to perform when others could not. As we have reunited with audiences in person, we honor the losses of the past year with a renewed commitment to the music we make, to musical citizenry, and to the bright future of The Philadelphia Orchestra.

Forward: The 2021–22 Season of The Philadelphia Orchestra

Informed and transformed by the impact of the pandemic, the social justice movement in America, and the drive toward creative equity and inclusion in the world of orchestral music, the new season of The Philadelphia Orchestra reminds us of the power of music to help us better understand one another and our world.

Upcoming highlights in winter/spring 2022 include:

Return to Touring

The Orchestra’s first international tour since fall 2019 will take place August 22–September 9, 2022, and will include visits to the UK and mainland Europe. We look forward to appearances at the Edinburgh International Festival and the BBC Proms. The Orchestra is grateful to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for its support towards this exciting international tour and looks forward to once again working with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, TeamPA, and local and regional partners to promote international business development and tourism for Pennsylvania.

Creating a Vibrant Cultural Future for Philadelphia
On June 17, The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Kimmel Center announced a pathbreaking partnership to create a brighter, more inclusive, innovative cultural future for Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc.
Led by President and CEO Matías Tarnopolsky, this new organization reimagines the power of the arts to bring joy, create community, and effect change—to uplift all Philadelphians.

On September 18, the Kimmel Center and the Orchestra collaborated on Arts Launch 2021, a day-long, free festival-style event celebrating the return of in-person arts with more than 50 arts organizations across the region. The event culminated with a free Philadelphia Orchestra concert led by Yannick.

Together, we look forward to bringing more great performances and impactful education and community programs, in person and digitally, to the diverse audiences of our city, and beyond.

UK’s National Security and Investment Act

On January 4, 2022, the most significant development of the UK’s national security investment screening powers in the past two decades came into effect. The UK’s National Security and Investment (NSI) Act 2021 introduced new powers for the UK government to investigate and, as necessary, intervene in investments and other acquisitions that might pose national security risks to the UK.

The NSI Act is an important part of ensuring investment in the UK can continue with predictability and transparency, while protecting national security. It provides businesses and investors with predictable, legally-defined timelines and processes for decisions on acquisitions. The Act will also align the UK’s investment screening regime with allies – including the US, as it includes many similarities to CFIUS.

The guidance documents published in November and still relevant to investors and can be found here. The guidance covers:

  • What types of acquisitions are covered by the new rules and how the government will scrutinize notified acquisitions
  • What activities carried out by entities are in scope of mandatory notification in the 17 sensitive areas
  • How the Act could affect people or acquisitions outside the UK
  • How to complete and submit a notification form
  • How the Act works alongside regulatory requirements
  • Guidance for the higher-education and research sectors

The NSI online notification service is now live. Businesses and investors are required to use this service to notify HMG of their transactions. The ISU has also published a press release which can be found on the BABCPHL News/Policy tab of our website under the Trade, Investment & Policy News Current Trade and Investment Information subtabs.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns relating to the NSI Act, and we will direct you to the appropriate person for more information.


BABCPHL Holiday Greetings from the President

Dear BABCPHL Members and Friends,

This time of year is typically hectic and hopefully festive! It is a time to reflect on events that have transpired during the past twelve months, and a time to make plans for the future. Many of us find ourselves in a race to meet deadlines and wrap things up before the end of the calendar year.

The pandemic is far from over but after nearly two years of this, we are learning how to cope and restart our lives. As the calendar year draws to a close and we set our sights on 2022, we have renewed hope that we will once again be able to meet in person on a regular basis.

This past year we offered several engaging programs and we look forward to reconnecting with all of you in 2022 for a series of educational seminars and enjoyable networking events. We are actively seeking your input to deliver meaningful content to help you expand your US-UK business operations. What matters most to you and your business as you embark on this new journey? Please contact us at babc@babcphl.com with the subjects you are focused on, and the goals you are looking to meet. Your objectives will help us deliver dynamic and targeted programing to directly meet your needs.

Mutual support and engagement directly contribute to strengthening our partnership. Thank you for your continued support, and best wishes for all good things this holiday season and beyond.


Nick Lotz, President, BABCPHL

BABCPHL Holiday Greetings

Thank you for supporting the British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia.

We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

BABCPHL Board Member Feature – Nick Lotz

Nick Lotz recently joined Santander’s Commercial Bank as Managing Director and Head of Business Development. In this role, Nick has a number of core responsibilities. He oversees the Business Development and Cash Management sales teams and drives the new-to-bank client acquisition growth strategy for the Commercial Bank.

Nick’s banking career has always been focused on international business. When he moved to Philadelphia in 2005, he joined the BABCPHL because it offered valuable content and networking opportunities. He was a BABCPHL member for five years before joining the Board of Directors in 2010. Nick says, “I have been fortunate to be a part of the BABCPHL family, and to serve as the current President.”

The crowning BABCPHL event for Nick every year is the Signature Annual Holiday Luncheon. It is the kick-off celebration of the season, and Nick particularly enjoys Howard Silverstone’s humor and wit, that makes the room burst into laughter.

During the pandemic, Nick has most missed networking, as well as seeing good friends and meeting new people. He cannot wait until everyone feels safe to be together again. Nick’s pandemic silver lining has been getting to spend more time with his family. “Our second son was born one year ago, and having so much time with our boys has been a real joy.”

Once pandemic restrictions are lifted, Nick hopes to return to concerts and sporting events. He is looking forward to being with thousands of people singing the same song or cheering together for the same team.

BABCPHL Board Member Feature – Ian Cross

As company founder and principal of Web firm, I-SITE, entrepreneur Ian Cross wears many hats including product strategy, market development and new business development. He loves web and digital technology and enjoys staying involved throughout the project cycle. Ian believes that I-SITE’s many long-term client relationships serve as a testament to the firm’s customer service, attention to detail and creativity.

Ian has been involved with the BABCPHL now for over 20 years and appreciates the organization’s professionalism, commitment and eagerness to evolve and stay relevant which is not an easy task.” He was hooked after winning two round trip tickets to London at his first Signature Annual Holiday Lunch in the late nineties! As one of the few digital and marketing experts in the BABC Ian especially enjoyed collaborating on a couple of the BABCPHL panel events that have been focused on the use of technology and the Internet in transatlantic business. Ian states, “The BABC strikes a fantastic balance between professional and social events. In terms of great memories I would have to say the Young Professionals event at The Trestle Inn is another favorite. The energy of the annual program is as great as the whiskey sours, although as The Trestle Inn owner I’m a little biased.”

Throughout the pandemic, Zoom has developed and surprised many of us with overwhelming participation and engagement; however, Ian, like many others, has most missed face-to-face interaction at events. The pandemic has given him the opportunity to step back and put everything into perspective, especially both his personal and professional relationships. Ian has been grateful for the BABCPHL and its members throughout the pandemic. He says, “the BABC really has felt like a family throughout.” Once restrictions are lifted, not much will change for Ian, as he is busy reopening the bar and working on some exciting I-SITE projects. Once he finally gets a break, he is planning to travel to Iceland to see the latest eruption.

In closing, Ian states, “I’m proud to be a member of an organization that I believe has risen to the challenge of COVID-19. Can only see an increase in business and opportunity as we emerge and look forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone involved.”

The UK Hosts COP26 & Leads the Charge in the Race to Net Zero

Written by: Jenny Dunn, Energy Policy Advisor, British Embassy, and Rebecca Lewis, Regional Deputy Director – East, British Consulate General New York| Trade & Investment

All eyes are on the UK as the country prepares to host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) on Monday, November 1 – Friday, November 12, 2021. Public and private sector entities throughout the world must work together to reduce emissions. Global strategies and actions, such as the Prime Minister’s ten point plan and the “Ambition Loop” are moving the dial in the right direction. The Prime Minister’s ten point plan is the UK’s blueprint for meeting climate targets, supporting global opportunities, and encouraging trade across innovation areas. This plan for a green industrial revolution exemplifies the affirmative approach government can take to build back better, support green jobs, and accelerate the path to net zero. The “Ambition Loop” is a positive feedback loop in which bold government policies and private sector leadership reinforce each other. Corporate leadership and strong government policy measures are spurring additional investment and action by businesses. These strategic public/private partnership campaigns are vitally important in taking climate action to the next level. The Department for International Trade, and bi-national business organizations like the British American Business Council, are playing important roles by bringing these groups together for informative meetings featuring global stakeholders and climate leaders. These, and many other sessions throughout the world, taking place in lead-up to COP26, are spearheading the collaborative efforts and plans to accelerate the transition to a prosperous net zero economy.

What is COP26 and why is it so important to tacking climate change?

In 2015, countries agreed at COP21 in Paris to limit average global temperature increase to well below 2C, aiming for 1.5C. In order to keep that 1.5C target alive, as we are determined to do, we must halve global emissions by 2030 and reach net zero emissions as soon as possible, and by 2050 at the very latest.

Business is essential to achieving this goal. We need the innovation, influence and energy of the private sector on our side and we need businesses to act now to ensure they are part of the global low carbon transition, which is accelerating. Countries and organisations aiming for net zero cover nearly 70% of GDP. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, net zero commitments doubled in 2020.

COP26 also provides a global platform to highlight businesses as global leaders in tackling climate change. In November, the eyes of the world are on the UK as we host COP26 in November following on from the G7 Leaders Summit in June. COP26 must be the moment that all parts of society act to protect the planet.

What does the UK want to achieve as COP26 President and what is the role for business?

Alok Sharma, the COP President Designate, has set out four key goals for the COP26 Presidency. Businesses are a vital component of all the goals and can help achieve success through their own action; working with peers and across their value chains; becoming positive advocates for climate action and working with governments to let them know that businesses want stronger climate policy.

From a UK Government perspective, more businesses making commitments to deliver action helps drive bold policy measures to support these efforts. For example, the UK Government has accelerated the phase-out date for polluting cars and vans to 2035, as more companies have adopted zero emission vehicle (ZEV) fleets.  In turn, those frameworks make it easier for business to achieve their own goals.

We are asking all businesses to take immediate action to reduce emissions by joining the Race to Zero.  This requires businesses to take robust short-term action to halve global emissions by 2030, and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. We need both large businesses, as well as smaller ones to sign up.

What is the Race to Zero?

The UN-backed Race to Zero campaign is the largest global alliance of companies, cities, investors, regions and universities committed, based on science, to halving global emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the very latest. Over 3,000 businesses have now joined the Race to Zero, representing a combined revenue of almost US$15 trillion.

Major US firms such as: American Airlines, Johnson and Johnson, Pepsi, Microsoft, Amazon, Ford Motor Company, Pfizer, FMC Corporation, and Livent are spearheading important climate change efforts by joining the Race to Zero. In addition, commitments by significant metropolitan regions, such as the City of Philadelphia, are leading by example. In January 2021, Jim Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia and Christine Knapp, Director, Office of Sustainability, published a climate action playbook highlighting the City’s plans to reduce contribution to climate change by eliminating carbon emissions from three sectors: Buildings and Industry, Transportation, and Waste. Click here to access the report.

Are corporate net-zero targets realistic/achievable?

Though a net zero commitment is ambitious, companies are demonstrating it is achievable, often realising targets ahead of schedule at the same time as driving business growth. Indeed, a recent analysis of 338 companies that have set science-based targets shows that they have collectively reduced their annual emissions by 25% between 2015 and 2019. Reducing emissions more quickly while incurring lower costs than expected chimes with UK Government experience too. The UK, between 1990 and 2018, has reduced our emissions by 43% – the fastest rate in the G7 – whilst growing our economy by 75%.

One of the most powerful aspects of committing to science-based emissions targets is that it requires businesses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their value chains in order to eliminate their carbon footprint. Sixty-three percent of company executives say setting science-based targets drives innovation.

Hannah Young, Acting Consul General New York, reports “2021’s Climate Week in September, alongside the UN General Assembly will be a crucial stepping stone – as well as the British American Business and World Affair Council’s early October event – in the lead up to COP 26 in Glasgow this November. Now is the time to act whilst we can effect change, mobilise capital, support a green global recovery, and safeguard the planet for future generations.”

You can find general background on the Race to Zero, more detail on the criteria for entry and leadership practices here. The Race to Zero campaign comprises a number of initiatives that businesses (and other non-State actors) can join to become part of the Race to Zero. A full list is available here.

BABCPHL Board Member Feature – Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis is the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Deputy Regional Director, East and US DIT COP26 Lead. Rebecca supports the leadership of a team of 30 trade and investment professionals, who focus on transatlantic opportunities for jobs and growth between the UK, and Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition, she leads DIT’s business engagement on Climate. Currently, Rebecca is working with her Embassy and London colleagues to accelerate the race to net zero climate commitments.

Rebecca has been an active member of the BABCPHL since 2013. She has served multiple years on the board and works closely with the organization to collaborate on events. The British Consulate and DIT work closely with the BABCPHL because it makes sense! DIT’s and the BABCPHL’s objectives align for strong regional engagement with industry for trade and investment growth between the UK and Philadelphia. Rebecca’s favorite BABCPHL memory is taking the City’s trade delegation to the Houses of Parliament and visiting the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben. She also thoroughly enjoyed visiting Philadelphia before the pandemic when Mayor Kenney signed the Powering Past Coal Alliance for the City of Philadelphia.

Throughout the pandemic, Rebecca has most missed seeing people, such as her regular coffee cart man outside the office. Rebecca has remained optimistic during the pandemic and has welcomed the new level of digital engagement between the US and UK, which has created “a whole new accessible and truly global world of opportunities.” She has also been grateful to be narrowing her carbon footprint by not traveling quite as much for work during the pandemic. However, she cannot wait to jump on a plane and go home to the UK once the restrictions are lifted. This is the longest Rebecca has ever had to be away from her home and family.

Fall 2021 BABCPHL New Members

Corporate Members:

Capital One Bank
1000 Continental Drive
King of Prussia PA 19406
Website: www.capitalone.com

Larry Worsham
Senior Manager
P: 267-785-1590
E: larry.worsham@capitalone.com

Capital One’s mission is to help customers succeed by bringing ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to banking. The company was founded on the belief that the banking industry would be revolutionized by information and technology, beginning with credit cards. Capital One is now the nation’s fifth-largest consumer bank and eighth-largest bank overall. Founder-led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Fairbank, the company believes that innovation is powered by perspective and that teamwork and respect for each other lead to superior results. Capital One is building customer experiences that are real-time and intelligent. They measure  efforts by the success their customers enjoy and the advocacy they exhibit. In support of their mission, Capital One developed the Capital One Impact Initiative to advance socioeconomic mobility by advocating for an inclusive society, building thriving communities, and creating financial tools that enrich lives. This program is fueled by an initial $200 million multi-year commitment to catalyze economic growth in low- and moderate-income communities and close gaps in equity and opportunity.

Littus – Market Entry Platform
1845 Walnut Street
Suite 980
Philadelphia PA 19103
Website: https://littus.us/

Paul Maguire
Managing Director
P: 610-457-3548
E: pmaguire@littus.us

Rob Rae
P: 610-389-7559
E: rrae@littus.us

Littus is a services based market entry platform connecting foreign businesses wishing to enter their USA Market ecosystems with subject matter experts across the business infrastructure disciplines necessary to facilitate efficient growth in the USA. Littus also represents foreign Economic Development agencies and their clients in gaining an understanding of USA market entry nest practices.

These specialist areas include legal (company formation, immigration, IP, contracts), accounting, taxation, business development, financial, insurance, recruitment and HR.

These connections can be delivered as part of soft-landing project management programs, trade missions (virtual or live) general referrals and one-on-one development programs.

Non-Profit & Government Partner:

Philadelphia International Airport
8500 Essington Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19153
Website: https://www.phl.org/

Chellie Cameron

Stephanie Wear
Director, Air Service Development & Cargo Services

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) proudly connects Philadelphia with the world. PHL is the only major airport serving the nation’s 6th largest metropolitan area, is a large hub airport serving 32.24 million passengers annually. Twenty-five airlines, including all major domestic carriers, offer nearly 500 daily departures to more than 140 destinations worldwide. Located seven miles from downtown Philadelphia, the Airport is easily accessible and convenient to many tourist sites, business centers, and cultural hubs. The Airport is self-sustaining and uses no local tax dollars. PHL is one of the largest economic engines in the region, generating $16.8 billion to the economy and accounting for 106,000 full-time jobs annually.

Club Level Feature – Welsh Government

The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales, UK. With five offices located in the Embassy and Consulates throughout the US, we are constantly working alongside our colleagues across UK Government to achieve the highly ambitious agenda established for us here in the USA by Ministers back in Wales. As laid out in our international strategy found here, we are focused on increasing the profile and influence of Wales in the world through our three core ambitions.

Ambition 1: Raise Wales’ profile internationally

  • We are focused on developing and forging political networks at Federal and State level to identify opportunities to showcase Wales.  We build on this by working with sporting and cultural partners in Wales on annual visit plans to identify opportunities to support whilst in market, building strong diaspora networks across the whole of the USA using our representative offices,  building and managing a small group of high quality contacts to support the wider remit of the team, encouraging research partnerships and student exchange programmes between American and Welsh Universities, using St David’s Day as a platform to promote Wales and increasing Wales’ profile through a focused communications plan including an increased use of social media.

Ambition 2: Grow our economy by helping businesses in Wales increase exports and attracting high quality inward investment

  • We work with partners such as the British American Business Association and DIT to identify export opportunities within the US market aligned to capabilities of Welsh companies. Such focused sectors include energy, life sciences and aerospace. We also work with our Trade Support Team in Wales to increase the number of Welsh companies undertaking export focus visits to the US by providing direct support ahead of and during visits. We proactively focus on the key sectors of compound semi-conductors, cyber security and creative industries to outline the capabilities in Wales in terms of skills availability, R&D capabilities, property and access to funding.
  • We also partner with multipliers such as DIT, Chambers of Commerce and business groups to outline the strengths of Wales and jointly target business with investment potential. Our objective is to build and maintain strong relationships with decision makers within existing US investors in Wales to understand current plans and identify opportunities for reinvestment.

Ambition 3: Establish Wales as a globally responsible nation

  • We work directly with international organisations, such as the United Nations to highlight areas where Wales has a strong message. We promote bilingualism and share our expertise in order to promote and support minority and indigenous languages while working with wider Welsh Government teams to promote achievements around the Well-being of Future Generations Act and recycling successes as examples. We also work with both Welsh based research institutions and universities and similarly aligned think tanks, educational and research institutions and companies to highlight Wales’ approach and commitment to areas such as sustainability and renewable energy research.

To deliver all of these ambitious objectives, Dr. Zowie Hay has recently been appointed as the Head of Welsh Government in North America. Based in Washington DC, Dr. Hay oversees the team across the USA as well as our operations in Canada. She remains deeply committed to continuing to strengthen our links in the Greater Philadelphia region to help us deliver these objectives. For more on Wales and the activities of the Welsh Government across the world, please visit www.wales.com.

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The BABCPHL recognizes our Club Level Members:

  • Almac
  • American Airlines
  • Cigna
  • Cigna
  • Duane Morris
  • EisnerAmper LLP
  • Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
  • Fisher Phillips
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