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Coronation Weekend

This Saturday, May 6, 2023, will be the coronation of King Charles III which will kick off a weekend filled with many events and celebrations across the UK. The Coronation Service that will take place at Westminster Abbey will begin the festivities followed by The Coronation Procession. On Sunday, a special Coronation Concert will be staged and broadcasted live at Windsor Castle. Communities are also encouraged to share food and fun together for The Coronation Big Lunch. Click here to learn more about the festivities.

Monday is a UK bank holiday, and the royal family is encouraging people to volunteer as part of “The Big Help Out” in tribute to the King’s lifetime of public service. The objective is to encourage volunteerism to bring communities together to create a legacy from the coronation weekend. The BABCPHL is collaborating with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and the British Consulate New York on a UK-themed teacher appreciation lunch at Bodine High School for International Affairs. Click here to learn more about “The Big Help Out” initiative.

Trade & Investment Guide to the UK for US Companies – Launched April 26, 2023

The Trade & Investment Guide is a crucial resource for US companies looking to explore the exciting opportunities the UK has to offer. It provides practical advice on all the issues that companies must consider when expanding, from logistics and legal services to finance and immigration.

It offers insights on the diverse nations and regions across the UK and outlines the unique sector-based opportunities in every corner of the country.

Finding Your Way provides essential information on the services that both the UK and US governments, as well as leading associations and networks offer to help US companies be successful. It also includes details and practical advice from leading private sector firms whose services can help companies with their expansion endeavors.

Click here to access the document published by BritishAmerican Business for distribution to the 22-Chapter Network. The BABCPHL is proud to be a part of the largest transatlantic business network, including more than 2,000 member companies based in major cities throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Spring 2023 BABCPHL New Members

Corporate Members:

Con Murphy’s Irish Pub
Liam Kelly
E: liamjkelly8@gmail.com
1700 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Con Murphy’s is an Irish Pub in Philadelphia, paying tribute to an old friend from Ireland, Con Murphy, and a tribute to the Irish community in Philadelphia.

Con was, like many an Irishman, both a gentleman and a scholar. He had a healthy aversion to work. Con never lied but was often careless with the truth and never allowed it to get in the way of a good story. He treated your money like his, but his generosity knew no bounds. Con was a raconteur and a rogue but, above all, he was a character who brought a smile to your face and warmth to your heart, which is what this Pub aims to do also.

Fellow Limerick men themselves, Liam Kelly and Maurice Collins have carved an Irish niche in Philadelphia with the help of a few Irish craftsmen. A classy yet comfortable Irish Pub experience awaits you in the Windsor Hotel on Ben Franklin Parkway. Ben and Con would have gotten along famously (and are probably trading stories as we speak).

Quoin Capital
William Block
P: 215-564-1222 Ext. 112
E: wblock@quoincapital.com
2005 Market St.
Suite 2030
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Since 2004, we have provided investment banking through collaborative leadership in financial strategy and execution with Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, asset managers, pension funds, municipalities, and startups. We combine large bank experience with entrepreneurial drive to achieve optimal outcomes.

From capital raises and IPOs to financial restructuring and M&A, we offer customized, hands-on guidance and advocacy through every transition. As champions of our partners’ interests, we look deep into the workings of your culture and operations to understand and articulate your true power and potential, from initial valuation through the seamless execution of complex transactions.

With headquarters in Philadelphia, we are an independent, certified minority business enterprise (MBE) that provides the full scope of investment banking services with an excellent reputation for results, period.

Spring 2023 Human Interest Feature – The History & Celebration of British Coronations

Written by: Kaitlyn Rampone, Coordinator, British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

King Charles III will be crowned alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort on May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey in London. This will be the first coronation since Queen Elizabeth’s on June 2, 1953. There is a rich history surrounding the coronation ceremony in England; coronations have remained the same for more than 1,000 years. A coronation is a symbolic religious ceremony in which the monarch is crowned and formalizes their role as head of the Church of England. It marks the transfer of their title and powers. It was once a necessary stage of an individual’s journey to becoming King or Queen, but now by law immediately following the death of the current sovereign, they ascend into their role. Coronations emerged from a European tradition which called for increased church involvement in the state. It also sought to bring stability to societies where there were several individuals who had a claim to the throne. The United Kingdom is the only European monarchy that continues to retain such a ceremony.


There are a lot of moving pieces that take place during the coronation ceremony. The event starts with The King’s Procession that originates at Buckingham Palace and ends at Westminster Abbey. The various stages of the service include the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture, and the enthronement and homage. The recognition consists of the Archbishop of Canterbury presenting the monarch to the congregation where the crowd shouts “God Save the King” followed by trumpets sounding. During the oath, the sovereign swears to uphold the law and the Church of England. Next is the anointing where the King’s ceremonial robe is taken off and he sits in the Coronation Chair. Normally, the King is then concealed with a gold cloth, but for King Charles there will be a transparent canopy in order to broadcast the anointing for the first time in history. Then during the investiture, the King is presented with the Royal orb, representing religious and moral authority; the Sceptre, representing power; and the Sovereign’s Sceptre, a rod of gold topped with a white enameled dove, a symbol of justice and mercy. The Archbishop then places St. Edward’s Crown on the King’s head. Lastly, in the enthronement and homage stage, the King leaves the Coronation Chair and moves to the throne. 


Following the ceremony, the King and Queen Consort will return to Buckingham Palace in a large ceremonial procession known as The Coronation Procession. Once back at Buckingham Palace they will be joined with the other members of the Royal family on the balcony to conclude the day’s ceremonial events. The day after the Coronation will consist of the Coronation Big Lunch, where neighbors and communities across Britain will be invited to share food and fun. For the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth there were more than 8,000 people from 129 nations that travelled to Westminster Abbey, but for King Charles’ Coronation there will be approximately 2,000 to accommodate health and safety restrictions.


The Coronation will be televised for British and international audiences to view throughout the world. The late Queen’s Coronation was the first to be televised with an estimated 27 million people in the UK watching and 11 million listening on the radio. To mark the Coronation of King Charles, there will be a bank holiday on Monday, May 8. This holiday will be observed throughout the UK, in recognition of the King’s interest in strengthening local communities. People throughout the UK will be encouraged to volunteer and join projects in their region as part of the “Big Help Out.” The Big Help Out is an organization supported by some of the UK’s largest volunteer organizations to raise awareness of volunteerism and provide people with an opportunity to make a difference within their community. The King and Queen Consort hope this will create a long-lasting legacy felt across the country.


The Coronation will be celebrated all over the world. The Philadelphia branch of the English-Speaking Union will be hosting their annual garden party and celebration of the Coronation at the Highlands Mansion and Gardens in Fort Washington, PA on May 6, 2023. The garden party will have everything from elegant hats, champagne served from a Rolls Royce, a Scottish Piper and Drummer, a silent auction including coronation items from George V to Charles III, and much more. Oliver St. Clair Franklin CBE, His Majesty’s Honorary Consul to Philadelphia and BABCPHL Board Member will be a featured guest. To learn more click here.


Spring 2023 President’s Letter

Dear BABCPHL Members and Friends,

It is rewarding and enjoyable to be hosting in-person programs and events once again. We are back in our sweet spot, doing what we do best – offering valuable and informative face-to-face meetings to help you expand your network and enhance your transatlantic business. If you attended any of our recent programs or you are reading our communications, you know BABCPHL programs are relevant and engaging.

In March we hosted A Global Economic Update featuring public and private sector industry leaders who delivered timely information about the current state of the economy here at home and abroad. Later in the month we had our Second Annual England vs. Ireland Rugby Watch Party. Both events were different in scope, but both included enthusiastic attendees. People eagerly came together to network, learn, and enjoy the occasion.

Next up on the docket is our Emerging Leaders Group UK-US Trivia & Networking Event, a US Customs & Border Protection Panel Discussion, and more! I invite you to scroll down and read through this newsletter for details.

The BABCPHL is your connector organization. Active engagement has benefits. As we always say, you get out of your membership, what you put into it. Register and attend our programs to ensure you are getting the most out of affiliation with our Group. We look forward to seeing you often during the coming days, weeks, and months. As Winston Churchill once said, “I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod.” So, I am prodding all of you to come to our spring events!


Howard M. Silverstone, MBE, CPA, FCA

President, British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

Global Economic Update Headlining Leading Executives and Government Officials

Our timing is perfect! We are honored to offer an informative program about the current state of the global economy featuring financial industry executives and government officials. Businesses and investors are facing unprecedented challenges in a complex global economic environment. Oliver St. Clair Franklin CBE, Honorary British Consul for Greater Philadelphia is moderating the session headlining: Kunal Khatri, Deputy HM Trade Commissioner for North America, British Consulate General New York; Ben Kirshner, Chief Transformation Officer, Office of the Governor, State of Pennsylvania; Mark E. McCarron CFA, Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC; Anne K. Nadol, Commerce Director, Department of Commerce, City of Philadelphia; and Ryan Wang, US Economist, HSBC Securities. Experts will highlight economic drivers and will address how the US and the UK are navigating the challenging global landscape. Speakers will discuss the policy measures and structural reforms leading nations are putting into place to mitigate risk and alleviate pressure. The conversation will also include how public and private sector entities are operating in both countries and collaborating with groups throughout the world to stabilize and grow economies at home and abroad. Guests will learn about the current economic situation, and what to expect during the remainder of this year. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and to network following the panel discussion. Special thanks to William Sasso at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP for hosting the event, and to program partners: the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, the World Trade Centers of Delaware and Philadelphia, and the Eurasian, French and German American Chambers of Commerce. Click here to register.

BABCPHL Survey – Enter to Win

Did you know Philadelphia is hosting a number of the world’s biggest sporting events over the next several years, including five NCAA Championships, WrestleMania 40 in 2024 and an epic summer of 2026 which will include the PGA Championship, Major League Baseball All-Star Game and FIFA World Cup 2026? Philadelphia is also bidding to host the 2031 Men’s and 2033 Women’s Rugby World Cups. In addition, plans are underway for a new indoor professional cricket arena to be built in the region, and Wrexham Football Club is co-owned by a famous Philadelphian. It is empowering to boast bright spots, and Philadelphia has many.

Throughout the years, the BABCPHL has offered programs related to the Olympics, the World Cup, soccer, and rugby matches, to name a few. Elevating the business of sports throughout our community is a win-win. The BABCPHL is proud to collaborate with regional sports stakeholders to drive support and attract corporate engagement for sports, a powerful vehicle for societal change. We are eager to connect regional international business professionals with sports industry leaders and teams, especially those with origins and ties to the UK, to build upon the excitement and momentum.

Sports are a great unifier. There is tremendous power and value of sports, something I am sure many stand behind, especially as America gears up for Super Bowl LVII taking place this Sunday. As transatlantic business professionals, how do you anticipate being involved with sports happening in the Greater Philadelphia region that are widely viewed by Americans, Britons, and many other nationalities throughout the world? We invite you to complete a short survey to help us learn what is important to you and your company. All contestant names will be entered into a raffle for one person to win two tickets to the March 14, 2023 Philadelphia Union Concacaf Champions League match against Alianza FC. Special thanks to Philadelphia Union for the generous donation.

Click HERE to play by Monday, February 13, 2023, to be eligible to win.

Go Birds!

Winter 2023 BABCPHL New Members

Corporate Member:

The Mike McCann Team
728 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 1914

Ben Hoosen-Jones 
P: 610-368-9041
E: ben@mccannteam.com

When it comes to buying or selling a property in the city of Philadelphia, one of the most important steps in the process is finding a real estate agent you can trust to operate in your best interest. Known as one of the best real estate teams in the city, The Mike McCann Team is the #1 real estate team in Philadelphia and has held onto that prestigious title for over 30 years. The team has built an outstanding reputation for being trustworthy and going above and beyond to meet our client’s needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home or you’re a seasoned investor, this team of experienced realtors will work diligently to ensure that your real estate transaction is successful.

Educational, Arts, & Charitable Institution Member

Carpenters’ Hall
320 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19106

Website: https://www.carpentershall.org/ 

Michael L. Norris
Executive Director
P: 215-925-0167
E: michaelnorris@carpentershall.org

Some 150 men and women, all of them prominent architects, building contractors or structural engineers, carry on the 300-year tradition of The Carpenters’ Company of the City and County of Philadelphia — giving form to the future. From the 18th-century members who erected Independence Hall, Christ Church and Carpenters’ Hall to the members of today, innovation in design and technical achievement have contributed to their pre-eminent reputation.

The Mission of The Carpenters’ Company of the City and County of Philadelphia is, “To preserve and maintain historic Carpenters’ Hall; To interpret for the public the significant events that took place in or around the Hall and the history of building construction; to preserve the history and traditions of the Company; To provide a forum of professional association and fellowship for builders, architects, and engineers; To provide encouragement, education, and support for men and women entering the construction industry; To develop and maintain professional relations with other organizations who have similar interests; to encourage support, research, and publication of history relating to the Company and its members and to the development of building construction and architecture”.

Winter 2023 Human Interest Feature – Meet the 2023 BABCPHL Executive Committee

At the dawn of the new calendar year, we are thrilled to introduce our 2023 Executive Committee, a select group of eight individuals with a very active role on the BABCPHL Board of Directors. While some of our current officers have been with us since nearly the beginning, several are newer to the Group. Notwithstanding when each person joined the BABCPHL, every officer strives to promote the business relationship between the Greater Philadelphia region and the UK. Everyone brings passion and unique skills to the table. We are fortunate to have a dynamic, accomplished, entrepreneurial and creative group leading the BABCPHL! For more than three decades, the BABCPHL has grown and thrived by promoting increased trade and investment between the UK and Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and the State of Delaware. The BABCPHL Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee in particular, is the backbone of the organization, providing guidance and leadership. Individuals serving in this capacity help the BABCPHL flourish by promoting and advancing our mission.

Howard Silverstone, recently re-appointed President for a third, non-consecutive term, began his involvement with BABCPHL shortly after the organization was formed more than 30 years ago. As an expatriate British national making his way professionally and socially on this side of the Atlantic, the BABCPHL offered just what Howard wanted. Today, Howard is a Managing Director of a firm he co-founded in 2004, Forensic Resolutions. He is a CPA with more than 40 years’ experience in public and forensic accounting. Howard is also a Chartered Accountant (England and Wales) and has experience in the UK and US. As Howard’s career progressed and as the BABCPHL developed its extensive business-to-business network, the Organization became a valuable resource for Howard and also allowed him to help others build their network on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. When asked about a specific BABCPHL activity or event that stands out, Howard said, “the prior visits of members of the Royal Family have been particularly meaningful as this emphasizes our standing as a leader in promoting Transatlantic business. Also, our events with members of the British Government have also stood out as they demonstrate that the BABCPHL is a well-respected chapter.” As one of the oldest and most active British American business groups in the 22-chapter network, Howard feels fortunate to be able to forward the mission of the BABCPHL. His tenure and experience on the Executive Committee assist members in advancing their businesses through the organization, by helping them expand their contacts. 

Another long-serving British national on our Executive Committee is Ian Cross, a creative entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience growing and managing start-ups in technology, entertainment, and hospitality. Since 2008, Ian has served as the BABCPHL Vice President of Marketing & Communications. Ian joined the organization when he was considering expanding his client base to the UK. “The contacts and expertise of other members helped me evaluate the potential and pitfalls. Ultimately, I decided to stay focused on the USA, but would not have made such an informed decision without my BABC peers.” Ian, like several other Executive Committee members, maintains a decades-long active engagement with the Organization. “I just like to help however I can by bringing an entrepreneurial and creative industries perspective along with ideas for how we can use tech to grow and support our members. I love the BABC mission and see it as so much more than sharing business knowledge, there is also sharing cultural DNA. We all started out by asking ourselves the same questions and ended up joining.” Ian is also quoted as saying, “the high level of engagement throughout the membership group and board of directors builds a community of respect and consideration. Like any organization you will get out what you put in, so be prepared to be stimulated and challenged, and enjoy the social aspect of course!” 

The BABCPHL is a connector Association. The Group’s bread and butter is offering networking opportunities and creating valuable contacts between entities operating in both the public and private spheres on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Our current UK/US Government Liaison, past President, and long-serving Board Member, Neil Boyden Tanner, said, “through contacts made via the BABC, I had the opportunity to serve as a non-executive director of a British government trade and investment group, and was asked by the Scottish government to provide overviews for Scottish companies interested in expanding to the US, both of which experiences led to new business. Most recently the Mayor of London asked me to meet with a number of London based health technology startups. My colleagues and I learned a great deal from these companies and are in ongoing discussions with a few, and they also had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a Fortune 20 US health services company. It was a win-win all around.” Neil, General Counsel for International Markets at Cigna, strongly believes in promoting Philadelphia as a global city. “Perhaps no international connection for our city is more important than that with the UK. By helping UK companies see the benefits of basing their US or North American operations in our area, we further advance Philadelphia as a global city, and in return help these key UK companies with access to: our amazing talent pool (fueled by 127 colleges and universities), a major technology hub (voted the #1 emerging startup ecosystem in the US), one of the most diverse and inclusive workforces in the US, the lowest office rental of 10 major metropolitan areas in the US, and a location within 40% of the US population. Plus, who can beat our great restaurants, sports teams, concerts, art museums, theaters, and the amazing Philadelphia Orchestra?!” Through his continued involvement with the BABCPHL, Neil hopes to help Philadelphia area companies see the benefits of partnering or expanding to the UK. “Like Philadelphia, the UK is a mature market, with high-spending consumers in an open economy, world-class talent, and a business-friendly regulatory environment. We are a great match for one another, and my goal is for the BABC to help British and Philadelphia area companies capitalize on this to both their advantage.” 

Another longstanding Board Member, prior BABCPHL President and current Vice President of Strategic Development, is Hope Krebs who became involved with the BABCPHL in the early 2000’s. Hope connected with the Organization when the annual global meeting of BABC chapters worldwide was being held in Philadelphia as a way to showcase the Philadelphia-London connection of her law firm, Duane Morris, which had just opened its London office. Hope’s current role as BABCPHL Vice President of Strategic Development is truly essential to our success as we navigate operations in the region and continue to enhance trade and commercial ties on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Hope is an International Tax Partner, Co-Chair of Duane Morris’ International Practice Group, and a past Chair of Multilaw, the global elite legal network with 10,000 members in more than 150 commercial centers around the world. Hope said, “over the years the BABC has helped advance my business in two key ways: (1) it has been a direct source of client referrals for me and my firm for BABC members (and their contacts) who need excellent legal and tax services throughout the US, in London and around the world and (2) it has connected me with BABC members whose assistance and services I have sought to supplement legal and tax services we are providing for our clients.” Hope brings extensive expertise, knowledge, and creativity to her current role on the Executive Committee. She is dedicated to helping the BABCPHL “accomplish its objectives and provide insights into the business community and networking, especially as we come out of our COVID-related cocoons.”  When asked why someone should be involved with the BABCPHL, Hope answered, “the BABC is the leader in providing effective cross-border business networking in the Philadelphia area. Our sole purpose for existing is to facilitate the connections that are designed to help your business succeed.” 

The pandemic impacted business operations throughout the world. Networking organizations like the BABCPHL will assist in the rebuilding process as everyone re-emerges. The BABCPHL was lucky to have an outstanding group of people serving in leadership roles to guide the Organization through such a challenging time. Navigating the post-pandemic world also creates obstacles. Current BABCPHL Treasurer, Jason Walker, Managing Partner for Cross Border Financial Planning USA, provides financial planning and investment advice for globally mobile individuals and families, including Americans abroad and British expatriates residing in the USA. Jason and his team, work with accountants and attorneys who provide advice to similar clientele. “By referring within our network, we ensure the client receives complementary advice from financial, tax, and legal perspectives. The BABC has been invaluable to me in developing this network locally and engaging with other member firms whose expertise and service is highly regarded in the cross-border space.” Jason is looking forward to taking on a new role in 2024 as the next BABCPHL President. When asked about what he hopes to accomplish serving on the Executive Committee, he stated, “My goal is to assist the BABC move forward in a post-pandemic world, in which the networking and the business environment has changed greatly. I want to continue the excellent work of the people who served before me, who grew the organization to become one of the most respected international networking organizations within Philadelphia. By supporting the BABC, we are supporting international trade and business between the UK ad USA, and specifically the Greater Philadelphia area.” As an expatriate British national residing and working in Philadelphia, Jason says, “there is an element of pride in helping UK businesses establish themselves in the US and supporting the local economy.” 

Another newer board member is Remy Nshimiyimana, Partner at Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath. Remy works with domestic and foreign clients to ensure their strategic objectives in mergers and acquisitions and equity financing transactions are executed timely and effectively. Remy has been affiliated with the BABCPHL since 2019. He was born in Rwanda and emigrated to the United States in 2004. Remy’s educational portfolio includes degrees from Rowan College, The University of Pennsylvania, and Sciences Po in Paris, in addition to a Doctor of Law from The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. The opportunity to collaborate with a community that fosters transatlantic partnerships between businesses and civic leaders was something Remy sought when joining the BABCPHL. Having Remy on the Executive Committee with his vast knowledge and background is an asset to our organization. Remy brings fresh ideas and a positive outlook to the BABCPHL Executive Committee. He stated, “the pandemic brought many new opportunities for firms to think ‘outside the box.’ At Faegre Drinker, we harnessed the power of technology and collaboration to focus on innovation, efficiency and, most importantly, connecting with clients and colleagues in new and creative ways.” 

The BABCPHL thrives due to a dedicated core of involved businesses and individuals who actively serve on the Executive Committee. In 2023, this group is comprised of a dynamic group of people, some who are newer to their roles, and some who have been involved for many years. Vice President of Membership, Michael Pedrick, Partner at Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius, one of the founding member Firms of the BABCPHL, is another example of someone who has supported the organization for multiple decades. Focusing primarily on finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring, At Morgan Lewis, Michael represents borrowers in financing transactions and corporate clients in strategic acquisitions and internal restructuring. Throughout his tenure, Michael has served as Secretary and President. He is the BABCPHL Board Member most familiar with our bylaws, legal operations, and our affiliate relationship with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. Currently, Michael stepped into the role of Vice President of Membership. As the BABCPHL returns to normal operations, membership development is a key factor for stability and growth. Michael’s extensive experience and dedication to the Organization perfectly position him to help us retain current members and to grow.  

Another integral member of the Executive Committee is Efe Izilein Sokol. In her role with the Welsh Government, Efe represents Wales’ interests in the Northeast of the United States. Efe has been an active board member for nearly ten years, and currently serves as the Programs & Events Chair. BABCPHL programing is a vital part of our organization. Events about current issues affecting the trade and commercial relationship between our region and the UK keep our members engaged, current, and connected with one another. The BABCPHL serves both public and private entities. Collaboration between for profit businesses and government groups are particularly important in the post-pandemic world. Efe is helping us vigorously reinstate our in-person programing with relevant and engaging topics. With Efe’s guidance, we can offer our members valuable strategic information and leading expert connections to help our members navigate the current UK-US business climate.  

The BABCPHL is extremely grateful to the Executive Committee and the entire Board of Directors for continuously offering their support and counsel to the organization. We are excited to embark on a new calendar year of operations in collaboration with the 2023 leadership committee. We look forward to growing membership and offering in-person events. Many thanks, and welcome to the 2023 BABCPHL Executive Committee! 

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The BABCPHL recognizes our Club Level Members:

  • Almac
  • American Airlines
  • Cigna
  • Cigna
  • Duane Morris
  • EisnerAmper LLP
  • Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
  • Fisher Phillips
  • Forensic Resolutions
  • Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc.
  • KPMG
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Penn Medicine
  • https://www.santanderus.com/
  • Welsh Government