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Member Feature – Fisher Phillips

Fisher Phillips LLP provides services to employers in all areas of labor and employment law.  The Firm’s International Employment Practice Group provides legal advice to international employers on human resources and immigration matters (inbound and outbound) on a global basis, as well as on matters pertaining to employees working in the United States who are governed by international laws.  The Firm contributes to client success by helping them navigate complex global human resources issues. Fisher Phillips partners with clients on strategic planning, compliance, global movement of employees, and employee compensation and benefits. They are on the forefront of current and evolving strategic employment law issues affecting the workforce throughout the globe.  Fisher Phillips offers a full array of workplace legal representation with a particular focus on codes of business conduct and ethics, expatriate matters, mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions (including EU Transfer of Undertakings) and litigation and administrative actions.  The Firm has established strong relationships with local counsel on six continents.  Fisher Phillips is ready to involve local counsel around the world at a moment’s notice.  The Firm has been a committed Corporate member of the BABCPHL for several years, and most recently has become a Club Level Member.  Thank you, Fisher Phillips for your employment law leadership and service throughout the US, the UK, and the globe.

Feature Story – The Queen’s Honours

A few days ago, The Queen’s 2020 Birthday Honours list and a special COVID-19 Honours list were announced. This year, Her Majesty the Queen is honoring hundreds of people for their contributions to fighting Covid-19. The Queen has the sole right of conferring titles of honor on deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery. The most well-known honors are MBEs, OBEs and CBEs, but there are also a range of other honors in addition to these. Recipients are invited to collect their awards from The Queen or another Member of the Royal Family at an Investiture ceremony. Throughout history, monarchs have rewarded those who have shown service, loyalty or gallantry with gifts or titles. After medieval times, physical gifts such as land or money were replaced by the awarding of knighthoods and of membership within Orders of chivalry, accompanied by insignia such as gold or silver chains. As the UK Government evolved and Parliament’s legislative role grew in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Cabinet took over the role of selecting honors recipients. Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, only members of the aristocracy and high-ranking military figures could be appointed to an Order of chivalry. Since then, appointments were drawn from a wider variety of backgrounds. In 1917 the Queen’s grandfather, George V, developed a new order of chivalry, called the Order of the British Empire, as a way of rewarding both men and women who had made an outstanding contribution to the WWI war effort. Today, the Order of the British Empire rewards service in a wide range of areas, from acting to charity work, with honors that include the well-known MBE and OBE. Two BABCPHL Board Members, Oliver St. Clair Franklin, Honorary British Consul, is an OBE, and Howard Silverstone, Director, Forensic Resolutions and former BACPHL President and current Membership Chairman, is an MBE. Click here to view The Queen’s 2020 Birthday Honours list and the special COVID-19 Honours list. The BABCPHL congratulates all those who have received an Honour for their outstanding work and dedication.

Member Feature – Oliver St. Clair Franklin OBE

Oliver St. Clair Franklin OBE is the third Honorary British Consul for Greater Philadelphia. In this role Oliver liaises with the Consul General in New York and the British Embassy on providing advice to businesses, solving consular issues in the region, and engaging in public diplomacy. Oliver has been a BABCPHL Board Member for more than two decades, and he was appointed by the UK Government in 1998 to represent British interest in the Philadelphia region. Oliver’s relationship with the UK started as a college student in 1966 after graduating from Lincoln University. In 2002 Her Majesty the Queen bestowed the OBE Honour in recognition of his services to British business. In his public diplomacy role, Oliver has hosted senior members of the British Royal Family as well as government ministers and members of Parliament. He created a program for Philadelphia public high school students to visit London and founded another initiative to provide opportunities for mid-career American minorities to work in UK investment banks. In September 2019, Oliver received ‘The Distinguished Friend of Oxford’ Award, and in November 2019, was elected an Honorary Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford where he studied as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. Honorary Fellows are expected to enter the intellectual life of the college and university. Oliver, thank you for all that you do to promote the diplomatic, business and cultural ties between our region and the UK. We are honored to have you actively participate on our Board of Directors. Thank you for partnering with us on many important initiatives that drive economic development and promote a positive diplomatic relationship with the UK.

Member Feature – International Products Corporation

International Products Corporation (IPC) is a chemical products manufacturer based in Burlington, New Jersey.  IPC manufacturers specialty cleaners and temporary assembly lubricants.  Their precision cleaners, which include biodegradable, alkaline, acidic, neutral, and enzyme cleaning products, are among the safest and most effective cleaners on the market. Registered with the NSF as USDA A1 cleaners, IPC’s precision cleaners are safe and effective for cleaning a broad spectrum of soils from all types of surfaces and have helped companies across the most highly regulated industries.  IPC Cleaners serve the food & beverage, healthcare & veterinary, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, medical devices, metalworking, oil & gas, optics, parts cleaning, personal care/cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, semiconductors/electronics, solar, textiles, and water & wastewater industries.  P-80® Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants are unique water-based assembly aids heavily used by the automotive, truck, heavy equipment, appliance and pump industries.  They reduce the friction required to install parts, but dry completely resulting in a tight fitting assembly.  As a chemical manufacturer, IPC takes their responsibility to the environment and their customers very seriously.  IPC is ISO 9001 certified, and they maintain a zero discharge policy. The Company is also committed to keeping abreast of environmental and regulatory trends and best practices to continually improve the quality and safety of their products and facilities.  IPC is a family business and proudly manufactures all of their products in the USA, working with distributors across the globe to widely deliver their products throughout the world.  IPC’s European sales office is based in London.  The Company has been a member of the BABCPHL for several years.  We are excited to announce IPC has recently increased their involvement with the BABCPHL and has become a Club Level member.  We welcome Kathy Wyrofsky, President, and Bill Herbert, CFO, IPC to the BABCPHL Board of Directors.

KPMG New Reality Survey

Business operations throughout all corners of the globe are being impacted by the events of the past several months. The US-UK Corridor represents one of the strongest international relationships. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Club Level member, KPMG LLP to conduct a pulse survey to gain a better understanding of how multinationals are managing.

The study takes less than five minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous and will not be attributed to any individual or company. Your participation will provide a valuable roadmap to better assist you and your business in meeting objectives and developing strategies to survive and thrive in this new reality.

Click here to complete the survey.

The survey closes on September 30, 2020.

In mid-November we will be hosting a webinar to present the results and a transatlantic business outlook. Stay tuned for more information.


Member Feature: Stonehage Fleming Law

Stonehage Fleming is one of the world’s leading independently owned family offices with a history dating back to 1873. The Group provides a range of services from long-term strategic planning and investments to day-to-day advice and administration to leading families and wealth creators as well as charitable endowments. Stonehage Fleming has a head office in Jersey, Channel Islands and a significant presence in London. Stonehage Fleming was formed in 2014 when Fleming Family & Partners, the family office run by relatives of banking pioneer Robert Fleming and James Bond creator Ian Fleming, merged with Stonehage, an international family office with its roots in South Africa. Today, the Company employs more than 500 people across 11 offices in eight countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Stonehage Fleming’s services have always been developed in response to client needs. The Company has two clear objectives: the protection of family wealth and the management of family assets. A rapidly evolving world offers huge opportunities for today’s wealth creators, but it also poses significant challenges: economic uncertainty, increasing taxation and regulation, erosion of the right to privacy and public pressure to contribute more to society. In this environment, never has there been a greater need to protect wealth and manage family succession to ensure a lasting legacy. Stonehage Fleming Law US LLC, a Corporate Member of the BABCPHL, focuses on International and United States Tax Planning and Compliance, and Trust and Estate Planning and Administration legal matters.

Human Interest Feature: Almac Group to Support Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Laurel House, and St. Jude as part of $300,000 Global Giving Pledge

Human Interest Feature: Almac Group to Support Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Laurel House, and St. Jude as part of $300,000 Global Giving Pledge

Employee-driven initiative will benefit 33 health and welfare organizations local to Almac’s 11 global facilities

At the beginning of September, Almac Group announced the organization will donate to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Laurel House, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of an over $300,000 total contribution being made to 33 charities globally in the wake of COVID-19.

Almac recognizes that charitable organizations rely on significant donations typically received via monthly events and fundraising, and that those efforts have ceased as a result of the pandemic. To help support these organizations Almac launched a localized employee survey effort to determine regional charitable beneficiaries. Each of Almac’s 5,600 employees across 11 main facilities located in the U.K., Europe, Asia and North America were given the opportunity to select charities, and in total, 33 organizations will receive a donation in direct response to Almac’s employee feedback.

CHOP, Laurel House, and St. Jude were chosen directly by Almac employees in Pennsylvania, due to the role each institution plays in supporting the needs of the communities they serve. At CHOP, the funding will support the hospital’s COVID-19 relief fund to address the most urgent needs, as well as the Children’s Fund, which provides essential resources to patients and their families.

“We are grateful for Almac’s generous support of our COVID-19 efforts at CHOP,” said Monica Taylor Lotty, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation. “We are utilizing our incredible expertise to grow the body of medical knowledge to effectively treat COVID-19. By making research advances and sharing what we learn, we aim to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19 in Philadelphia and across the globe.”

Funding for Laurel House will support the comprehensive domestic violence agency’s critical crisis intervention, safe haven, and support programs, which serve individuals, families, and communities throughout Montgomery County.

“Laurel House is honored to be selected by the employees of Almac to be a recipient of this year’s charitable donations,” Beth E. Sturman, Executive Director, Laurel House, said. “This support means so much to us, and will help ensure that we are able to continue to meet the needs of the people who turn to Laurel House for help.”

In light of the global pandemic, the donations will replace this year’s Almac Family Fun events, which are held annually to bring together employees and their families. Community giving is always a crucial part of the Fun Day tradition—last year, Almac’s employees in Pennsylvania collected over 1,800 pounds of food for Manna on Main.

Alan Armstrong, Group CEO, commented: “As a global organization, Almac’s mission is to advance human health, and we recognize that this extends to supporting the health and well-being of our local communities, especially during a global pandemic. In response, we are honored to support 33 organizations, chosen by our employees, which support the health and welfare of our neighbors in each of our corporate locations, and are proud to give back during this unprecedented time.”

The global organization is also partnering with a variety of global pharmaceutical, biotech and research institutions to support over 80 separate crucial research projects into COVID-19 treatment options. These vital projects cover a range of different areas including vaccines and various potential treatments for symptoms and the effects of this disease. Find out more https://www.almacgroup.com/almac-is-proud-to-support-multiple-programs-to-accelerate-covid-19-treatment.

About Almac Group

A unique culture delivering exceptional solutions

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organisation providing an extensive range of integrated services across the drug development lifecycle to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally. Its innovative services range from R&D, biomarker discovery development and commercialisation, API manufacture, analytical services, formulation development, clinical trial supply, IRT (IVRS/IWRS) through to commercial-scale manufacture.

The international company is a privately owned organisation which has grown organically over the past five decades now employing over 5,600 highly skilled personnel across 18 facilities including Europe, the US and Asia.

To keep up to date with latest news, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit almacgroup.com.

Fall 2020 BABCPHL New Members

Club Members:

Fisher & Phillips LLP
Two Logan Square
100 North 18th Street
12th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19103
Website: http://www.fisherphillips.com

William D. Wright, Esq.
P: 610-230-2137
F: 610-230-2151
E: wwright@fisherphillips.com

Christopher P. Stief
Regional Managing Partner
P: 610-230-2130
F: 610-230-2151
E: cstief@fisherphillips.com

Samina Weil
Global Human Resources Consultant
P: 610-230-2182
F: 610-230-2151
E: sweil@fisherphillips.com

Donna Kearney
Business Development Manager
P: 610-230-2160
E: dkearney@fisherphillips.com

The Fisher Phillips International Employment Practice Group provides legal advice to international employers on human resources and immigration matters (inbound and outbound) on a global basis, as well as on matters pertaining to employees working in the United States who are governed by international laws. We contribute to your business success by helping you navigate through complex global human resources issues. We partner with you on strategic planning, compliance, global movement of employees, and employee compensation and benefits. Whether your workforce is located inside or outside of the United States, we are on the forefront of current and evolving strategic employment law issues, and offer a full array of workplace legal representation. We have a particular focus on codes of business conduct and ethics, expatriate matters, mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions (including EU Transfer of Undertakings) and litigation and administrative actions. We have established strong relationships with local counsel on six continents, ensuring that we are ready to involve local counsel anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.

International Products Corporation
201 Connecticut Drive
Burlington NJ 08016
Website: www.ipcol.com

Kathy Wyrofsky
P: 609-386-8770
F: 609-386-8438
E: kwyrofsky@ipcol.com

Bill Herbert
E: bherbert@ipcol.com

International Products Corporation (IPC) produces/markets specialty chemical products with emphasis on precision cleaners and assembly lubricants. IPC serves an international market with customers in the commercial, industrial, government and academic sectors. It reaches these markets through a combination of distributors, direct-sales and internet marketing. Currently, new products aimed at the consumer market are being developed. IPC also serves as a supplier of private-label products.

Founded in 1923, the company has been owned by Charles E. Granito since 1981. Rapid growth from 1981 to 1989 enabled the firm to move from Trenton, NJ, to a new custom-designed facility in Burlington, NJ, in 1990. On a four-acre site, this 20,000 ft2 building incorporates marketing, research, processing, packaging and warehousing functions that are key to IPC’s operations. Extraordinary steps were taken to make this facility safe for employees and the environment, and to assure that products made there meet the highest standards of quality. The on-site laboratory is equipped to expand quality and analytical work, allow for research on new and improved products and assist customers with technical testing.

In 1984, IPC opened IPCW, Inc., a subsidiary in the UK. IPCW distributes product for IPC throughout the European market. IPC also has distributors in China, India, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The full-line of precision cleaning products includes its flagship concentrated cleaner, Micro-90®. The line includes biodegradable, alkaline, acidic, neutral and enzyme cleaning products for a broad range of industries and applications. These include cleaning of labware, filter membranes, medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment and precision parts. All are registered with NSF as A1 cleaners.

P-80® Temporary Rubber Lubricants are unique formulated products for assembly of rubber and soft plastic parts (belts, bushings, grips, grommets, hoses, o-rings, seals) for the automotive, agricultural, appliance, aerospace, marine, pump and tool industries to name a few.

IPC is committed to making products that are water-based and to replace solvent and petroleum-based cleaners and lubricants. IPC avoids use of known carcinogens and hazardous chemicals, only using materials found on TSCA and EINESCS inventories. IPC maintains a ZERO discharge policy including wastewater, emissions and hazardous waste. And no product is considered highly toxic or corrosive. It is policy to keep abreast of environmental regulations such as removal of flame-retardants and certain metals (cadmium, mercury, chromium and lead) in products. IPC is an ISO-Certified Company.


  • P-80® Emulsion Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant
  • P-80® Grip-It Quick-Drying Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant
  • P-80® RediLube Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant
  • P-80® THIX Temporary Rubber Lubricant Gel
  • P-80® Emulsion IFC Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant & P-80® THIX IFC Temporary Rubber Lubricant Gel for Incidental Food Contact Applications (H1)

Free product samples are available for testing.

Individual Member:

Paul Wheatley
Financial Representative
Independence Planning Group
1767 Sentry Parkway West
Suite 200
Blue Bell PA 19422
Work Phone: 2152970020
Work Email: paul.wheatley@ipgroup.info
Website: https://www.ipgroup.info/

We offer an array of specialized financial strategies that will address virtually all of your financial needs. The Living Balance Sheet® is one state-of-the-art planning tool that sets us apart. It provides clients with a detailed, holistic view of their financial world at any given time and helps us work with them to model and address a variety of financial scenarios and outcomes.

Member Feature: Stan Tilton Consulting

Stan Tilton has been an active individual member of the BABCPHL for 12 years. Stan founded Stan Tilton Consulting in 1992 to provide proven cost-effective solutions to leadership and management developmental challenges by utilizing customized executive coaching and related services to assist key executives improve morale, confidence and performance that lead to increased enterprise productivity and profitability. The Firm brings a customized, highly flexible, and impartial outside business-oriented focus to executive performance, communication and leadership development that has consistently led to results that met or exceeded client expectations. As an independent of the organization, Stan brings focus, objectivity, pragmatism and directness few insiders can. The Firm specializes in High Potential Coaching, Behavioral/Interpersonal Issues, Newly Appointed Leader Integration, Foreign Expatriate Business Assimilation, Conflict Resolution and assisting corporate leaders deal with challenging strategic issues. The mission of Stan Tilton Consulting is to assist executives and organizations sharpen their leadership and strategic thinking skills, thereby enabling both the employees and enterprise to mutually prosper. Stan has more than 30 years of experience as an executive leadership development coach, career transition consultant and corporate strategist with significant leadership, operating and financial management expertise gained during a highly successful corporate career as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer of leading global management consulting and manufacturing organizations. A proven leader, Stan has been a mentor, partner and leadership coach to family owned businesses, entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives, including bankers, engineers, accountants, attorneys and physicians at pharmaceutical companies. Beyond his executive coaching and leadership development practice, Stan has extensive expertise with restructurings, mergers, organizational expansion, management replication, succession planning, career mapping and the turnaround and repositioning of underperforming business teams/units. He has been featured in articles in Fortune and Inc. magazines and The Wall Street Journal, as well as appearing on National Public Radio.

Member Feature: Deloitte

With more than 100,000 professionals, Deloitte provides audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and risk and financial advisory services to a broad cross-section of the largest corporations and governmental agencies throughout the world.  The Firm helps reinforce public trust in capital markets, inspire clients to make their most challenging business decisions with confidence, and helps lead the way toward a stronger economy and a healthy society.  Clients count on Deloitte to help them transform uncertainty into possibility and rapid change into lasting progress. Deloitte’s dedication to leadership extends beyond their clients and the commercial marketplace to their own organization and the communities where they work and live. The Firm’s success depends on cultivating and celebrating diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and values. Deloitte enables leadership throughout their communities through pro-bono and volunteer work that leverages their skills and experience to help others achieve goals. In response to the spread of COVID-19, Deloitte has activated the power of its global footprint, and adopted a multi-pronged approach to address the significant and growing needs of impacted communities around the world. To date, Deloitte has committed more than US$12.5 million in investments in the form of direct monetary donations, medical equipment, and pro bono project work. These efforts are targeted to helping frontline healthcare workers, supporting the millions of students globally who are out of school, and providing communities in need with donations and volunteers.  Deloitte has been a Club Level member of the BABCPHL for many years.

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