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Winter 2022 Human Interest Feature – Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra Reunites with Audiences

Led by visionary, passionate music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the musicians of The Philadelphia Orchestra have shown courage and creativity in staying connected with audiences, continuing to perform when others could not. As we have reunited with audiences in person, we honor the losses of the past year with a renewed commitment to the music we make, to musical citizenry, and to the bright future of The Philadelphia Orchestra.

Forward: The 2021–22 Season of The Philadelphia Orchestra

Informed and transformed by the impact of the pandemic, the social justice movement in America, and the drive toward creative equity and inclusion in the world of orchestral music, the new season of The Philadelphia Orchestra reminds us of the power of music to help us better understand one another and our world.

Upcoming highlights in winter/spring 2022 include:

Return to Touring

The Orchestra’s first international tour since fall 2019 will take place August 22–September 9, 2022, and will include visits to the UK and mainland Europe. We look forward to appearances at the Edinburgh International Festival and the BBC Proms. The Orchestra is grateful to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for its support towards this exciting international tour and looks forward to once again working with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, TeamPA, and local and regional partners to promote international business development and tourism for Pennsylvania.

Creating a Vibrant Cultural Future for Philadelphia
On June 17, The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Kimmel Center announced a pathbreaking partnership to create a brighter, more inclusive, innovative cultural future for Philadelphia: The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc.
Led by President and CEO Matías Tarnopolsky, this new organization reimagines the power of the arts to bring joy, create community, and effect change—to uplift all Philadelphians.

On September 18, the Kimmel Center and the Orchestra collaborated on Arts Launch 2021, a day-long, free festival-style event celebrating the return of in-person arts with more than 50 arts organizations across the region. The event culminated with a free Philadelphia Orchestra concert led by Yannick.

Together, we look forward to bringing more great performances and impactful education and community programs, in person and digitally, to the diverse audiences of our city, and beyond.

UK’s National Security and Investment Act

On January 4, 2022, the most significant development of the UK’s national security investment screening powers in the past two decades came into effect. The UK’s National Security and Investment (NSI) Act 2021 introduced new powers for the UK government to investigate and, as necessary, intervene in investments and other acquisitions that might pose national security risks to the UK.

The NSI Act is an important part of ensuring investment in the UK can continue with predictability and transparency, while protecting national security. It provides businesses and investors with predictable, legally-defined timelines and processes for decisions on acquisitions. The Act will also align the UK’s investment screening regime with allies – including the US, as it includes many similarities to CFIUS.

The guidance documents published in November and still relevant to investors and can be found here. The guidance covers:

  • What types of acquisitions are covered by the new rules and how the government will scrutinize notified acquisitions
  • What activities carried out by entities are in scope of mandatory notification in the 17 sensitive areas
  • How the Act could affect people or acquisitions outside the UK
  • How to complete and submit a notification form
  • How the Act works alongside regulatory requirements
  • Guidance for the higher-education and research sectors

The NSI online notification service is now live. Businesses and investors are required to use this service to notify HMG of their transactions. The ISU has also published a press release which can be found on the BABCPHL News/Policy tab of our website under the Trade, Investment & Policy News Current Trade and Investment Information subtabs.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns relating to the NSI Act, and we will direct you to the appropriate person for more information.


Transatlantic Finance Forum Roundtable: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Financial Sector: Working Together to Drive Change

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

12:00pm – 1:30pm EST

A senior-level gathering of the most influential people in the Financial Services sector from the US and the UK. This summit aims to address opportunities and challenges affecting the sector.

To learn more about the Transatlantic Finance Forum 2022 , please click here.


Fisher & Phillips LLP – International Remote Work in the Age of Digital Nomads

International Remote Work in the Age of Digital Nomads

As the world has dramatically changed since the onset of the COVID-19, a global trend for remote work has accelerated rapidly. Developments on this front have also been impacted by changes in many countries’ immigration trends. As a consequence, employees aren’t the only ones interested in remote work. Employers are also seeking to have employees work remotely when their immigration status becomes either jeopardized or changes dramatically. In particular, in the U.S., the loss of temporary visas and work permits has led to the utilization of employees working remotely in other countries after returning home in the absence of a visa renewal.

Unfortunately, the law has not kept up with the times and, as a result, employees working from home in another country can create significant challenges for employers and sometimes make the arrangements impractical. Conceptually, one must understand that an employee’s citizenship, employer citizenship and location of payroll are not necessarily determinative of how one must approach an international remote work arrangement. As a general concept, the law of the jurisdiction where the employee is working will apply to the employment relationship. This will impact the application of the law in a number of areas including employment terms, compensation and benefits tax, immigration and workplace safety.

Since the law of the jurisdiction where the employee is actually working will usually apply, employers with employees working in another country must carefully consider the requirements for employment relationships in that jurisdiction. The U.S. is one of the only countries around the world, for example, recognizes the concept of “employment at will.” Employment relationships are contractual and the required agreement between the employer and the employee must include many terms that are dictated by local rules and legislation. These rules include terms related to notice periods for termination, vacation and holidays, working conditions, and working hours, among many other standards. U.S. employers often overlook these requirements, which could lead to meaningful compliance issues with respect to an international employee.

Participation in U.S. benefit plans may create additional issues for an employer. Some plans do not allow international employees to participate. In addition, some “tax free” benefits under U.S. law may, in fact, be taxable in the jurisdiction where the employee is working. Care should be taken to review the impact of international remote work against the provisions of applicable employee welfare and retirement plans.

Also of significance are the tax consequences of having an employee in international jurisdictions. Even when an employee is working for a U.S. employer, the location of the employee dictates local tax rules since the services are being provided in that jurisdiction. Additionally, contributions for social security and other obligations may be necessary on top of the withholding of applicable taxes.

Another more critical analysis that must be undertaken is to determine whether having an employee working in a foreign jurisdiction would create a permanent tax establishment for the employer. If the employer is established in the jurisdiction where the employee is working, it may also have certain income tax reporting obligations as well as the financial obligations to pay taxes on income sourced to the work in that country. Employers should be sure to consult with an accountant knowledgeable in the applicable jurisdictions.

Immigration rules may also be of concern. While many international remote work situations involve a citizen of another country returning to family in that jurisdiction, there are many examples where employees choose to relocate out of a desire for a change of surroundings or just the adventure of living abroad. In all cases, employers must ensure that the employee has the right visa to work in the country in question. Most tourist visas do not permit work, even work for U.S.-based employers.

When employees work from home, their home becomes their office and therefore, in many cases, the employer’s office too. In some jurisdictions, employers may be obligated to ensure that the place of work is safe, properly equipped and insured.

The trend for remote work, including working internationally, has accelerated faster than the pace of developing law. Pressure from employees to have flexibility in choosing a desired location from where to work is increasing, and employers should make sure they review the various issues highlighted here as well as considering other implications for the new relationship. Fisher Phillips is always here to help and employers needing clarification on the above or any other international employment issues can contact William Wright at or 610.230.2137.

The Biden Administration’s First Year

Monday, January 31, 2022

11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

After the first year of the Biden Administration, BAB brings together a panel of commentators and experts to review the past 12 months policies impact on U.S. tax, and the economy.

Click here for more information and to register.

What is Corporate Purpose?

Monday, January 24, 2022

11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST

The British American Business (BAB)  Academy is a new series of workshops covering different business skills for high potential individuals aspiring to be general managers and who are rising stars in their organizations. The Academy offers a unique snapshot of key business functions and provides skills to help young professionals grow into general management roles.

Click here for more information and to register.

How to Market Your Products Internationally Through Amazon

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

10:30 – 11:30 am EST

Are you interested in exporting your products? Do you want to expand your market reach? Join World Trade Center Delaware on January 25th to learn how you can take advantage of Amazon’s international marketing capabilities to grow your business. All types of products, both consumer and industrial, are sold through Amazon. Jimmy Avendano, the Operations Manager of Amazon Fulfillment will present a 60 minute webinar on how you can market through Amazon.

This virtual event is being presented by the World Trade Center of Delaware a British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia regional partner.

Click here for more information and to register.

Swindon Town vs. Manchester City Viewing Party

Friday, January 7th, 2022

2:45-5:30 pm EST

You are invited to the Victoria Freehouse to watch Swindon Town vs. Manchester City with local fans. While viewing the game hang out with BABCPHL members and friends. Pre-registration is not required and you are invited to consume British ales and pub grub while watching. Cheers!

Holiday Happy Hour at The Trestle Inn

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, we hosted an invitation only small networking event at The Trestle Inn. Ian Cross, Marketing & Communications VP for the BABCPHL graciously invited us to his famed whiskey and go go bar to beckon the holidays. The Trestle was sparking with Christmas décor and the whiskey sours were as tasty as ever. We welcomed new and veteran members as well as regional government partners to this small gathering. It was a joyous reunion, and we look forward to hosting many similar programs and more throughout the new year! Click here for photos.

Tax, Immigration, and UK Pensions for Expats

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

10:00 – 11:00 pm EST

This free Zoom Q&A event provides you with a valuable opportunity to get your questions answered from a panel of experts. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect and network with people who are in a similar situation to yourself.

Some of the questions we will answer for you include:

● Do I have to declare my worldwide assets and/or worldwide income when I file my US tax return?
● I am only staying in the US for a short period of time; can I claim some tax back when I leave?
● I want to transfer some money from Europe to my US bank account; do I have to declare something?
● Now that I’m here, how quickly can I get a Green Card?
● How difficult is it to change employers?
● Can I transfer a UK pension plan to the US?
● What can I do with my UK pension now I have moved?
● What are the new UK pension flexibilities introduced in 2015 and how do they affect me?

Click here for more information and to register for the virtual event.

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