Would you like to increase your supplier diversity and have greater access to minority-owned or small and medium businesses?

Aside from being a powerful social agenda, it is smart business to create a sustainable local supply chain. Join us at the BABC Webinar on April 28, 2021, from 10 to 11 AM CST, to learn how to achieve these goals via Blue Wave Supplier Development Platform.

Wouldn’t you like to have access to minority-owned or small and medium suppliers that meet international standards?

If you are a minority-owned or small / medium business, wouldn’t you like to understand and self-assess your business vs. international standards and get ready to do business with large corporations or government entities?

Blue Wave Corporation is working with major international companies, NGO’s and governments to develop minority-owned and small and medium businesses by helping them to understand and comply with the standards and requirements of major international corporations, state-owned companies, and government entities.

Blue Wave consolidates and integrates the international standards and requirements in one single, cloud-based, platform easy to access and scalable. Blue Wave is a tool for suppliers to evaluate across six pillars of expertise and generate gap reports and development plans preparing suppliers to compete for higher added value work. Blue Wave is more than just a system, it is a development platform that offers not only a self-assessment methodology and tools, but also the development workshops that provide the policies, processes, and best practices required to close the gaps.