BritishAmerican Business (BAB) is proud to present the TAG Masterclass Series 2020. This campaign celebrates the special relationship and recognises companies from SMEs to MNCs that continue to invest in the transatlantic economy, create growth, prosperity and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

The TAG Masterclass series of roundtables brings together senior executives from a selection of companies recognised for their contributions to historic ‘TransAtlantic Growth’. The simple objective for each virtual roundtable is to convene a discussion on how companies are responding to the current challenges in 2020 including digital transformation, the blended workplace and leadership strategies for future transatlantic growth and investment.

The virtual roundtable provides interactive conversations with attendees where all guests can share their experiences, including discussions on,

  • What strategic challenges for transatlantic growth did and does your company face?
  • How is your company resilient to these challenges now?
  • How can we “build back better” in the current and post-pandemic business environment

The session will be moderated by a BAB representative, with a transatlantic financial services perspective from sponsor partner HSBC and rounded off with a virtual networking drinks reception.

For this session we will hear from the winners of the US SME in the UK category;