BAB’s popular annual US politics panel, kindly supported and led by EY.

Only a few weeks left until the US Presidential Election 2020, and the stakes could not be higher.  In what is highly charged political landscape, the outcome of this election could not be more defining for our transatlantic business community. On this occasion, we decided to invite back a number of key experts who we had the chance to meet over the course of the year for BAB’s annual US Politics Panel led by EY, including:

  • Top polling firm GQR, who will provide us with a first-hand assessment on what the polls are telling.
  • EY’s Global Head of Tax, who like no other will take us through what to expect post-November on US taxation, the role US tax reform plays in the election and what to make of the President’s tax returns.
  • A US public policy expert, who also advised on four past US presidential campaigns.
  • and a former USTR representative, who will assess the impact of the election outcome on existing trade talks and future free trade deals.