A top performing supply chain has such a profound impact of responsiveness, reliability, cost performance and working capital. Faced with an ever-changing landscape and the pressure to drive continued performance and margin improvements, the ability to focus on the design of the supply chain in a holistic way is critical. Companies who recognize this can rapidly deploy changes and can unlock tremendous value and create significant competitive advantage.

Presented by Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions. Supply Chain Solutions works exclusively with our current and prospective customers to migrate, change and improve what our customers do today and affect their plans for tomorrow to remain competitive and relevant in their domains. We want our customers to see the potential of their supply chains in order to achieve their strategic goals.

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ART OF SUPPLY CHAIN — August 4, 2020 (Part 1)
• Why Supply chain is even more important now
more than ever
• How to see your current state and leverage your
• Three steps to a better design

SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN: IN PRACTICE — August 18, 2020 – (Part 2)
• Takes you through the lifecycle of a supply chain
design project
• Illustrates how to transform supply chain data into a
tool for sounds decision making
• Encapsulates best practices and common traps

GAINING AGILITY THROUGH DESIGN — September 1, 2020 – (Part 3)
• Why agility is a competitive advantage
• How one company approached their supply chain
design to gain agility