With the combined impact of Wayfair and the COVID crisis, state and local governments have increased their attention on sales and use tax revenues. This webinar will cover both compliance and proactive steps companies can take to mitigate the impact of sales and use tax matters, as well as pursue refunds if eligible. Topics will include current sales and use tax environment, nexus, taxabiity, refunds and “reverse audits,” and risk management.

Course Objectives: Provide an understanding of recent sales and use tax changes along with discussion of both under and over payment potential for companies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the current sales and use tax environment for manufacturing, life science, financial services, and other key industries
  • Explain causes and avoidance of under payment
  • Explain causes and potential solutions for over payments

1.0 CPE Credit in Tax


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Dennis Downing
Senior Manager
Andria Siciliano