Join Zenzic’s Mark Cracknell, architect of the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 for a discussion around how the industry can contribute to the post-Covid19 “new normal” and the role autonomous freight can play.

This webinar will demonstrate how the roadmap can be used as a tool to define how we can deliver autonomous freight, covering topics such as Safety, Simulation and Cyber Security.

You can access the roadmap at:

The event is hosted in partnership with the UK’s Department for International Trade.


Launched last year the roadmap sets out a vision for the UK towards a beneficial wide-scale deployment of connected and automated mobility (CAM). Uniquely, it shows how different themes of activity must work together in an inter-related fashion to achieve the vision. The product of over 150 organisations, the roadmap has been adopted by the UK’s Auto Council and is a key tool for future planning for the UK Government and its agencies. This comprehensive understanding of how the myriad of activities which need to be undertaken relate to each other allows it to give rise to any number of “Golden Threads”, which are specific routes through the roadmap.